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Upcoming events

Here you can find a list of upcoming events of LibreAustralia. There is a separate page listing past events.

19th Jan 2022: Weekly virtual meeting

20:00-21:00 Wednesday 19th Jan 2022 UTC+11 (what time in my timezone?)
Mumble (primary, m.libreau.org:64738) (instructions), IRC (secondary, #libreau at libera.chat, webchat at https://chat.libreau.org).

LibreAustralia meets virtually every Wednesday, unless otherwise specified.

In the meeting we generally have free flow discussions, to share discoveries, experiences, resources, tips and issues related to free software. Sometimes we will watch a video about free software like a conference talk together. And sometimes we also try to be like a normal tech meetup group and host talks, workshops and what-have-you.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you reside in Australia or not.


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